Practical support for Sadaf Foroughi

Shahr-e-Farang rescue

Countdown: 09 days left.

Write your cheque, payable to “Sadaf Foroughi” and add in the subject line “shahr-e farang ransom contribution” 

Deliver or mail to Queen Gallery ; 373 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A1T2 

or make an E-transfer trough your online banking by emailing to


Friends of Sadaf Foroughi c/o Queen Gallery

373 Queen Street East Toronto, Ontario M5A 1T2

August 17, 2014

Dear Arts and Activist Community,

You may be aware of the frustrating case of Canada Customs’ impounding of a Canada Council-funded artwork created by Sadaf Foroughi. For the backgrounder, please refer to these articles by

Now Magazine:


CBC Radio: being-destroyed-by-canadian-customs/

On the left is Sadaf’s rendering of the machine, called a shahr-e-farang. The artist is appropriating a traditional Persian peep show device, of French origin. Mozafaredin Shah famously imported the first shahr-e-farang to Iran, from the 1900 Paris World Fair. He also had an abiding interest in cinema, which he introduced to Iran. One such early shahr-e-farang is shown on the right. Note their allusion to architectural monuments. (more…)

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Queen Gallery Poetry Night

Queen Gallery Poetry Night is an open–stage night of music and poetry on the last Tuesday of every month (with some exceptions, check the event dates).

Bring your poetry, music and friends and share your art with us at the wonderful Queen Gallery.

The event is free, but we will pass the hat and would be happy to receive your generous donations.

Any style of poetry and music in any language is welcome.

If you write or perform in a language other than English, you might offer translations or an explanation in English.

Our host for these series of poetry nights is Darlene Collison.

For future events please click here: EVENTS

For any questions or suggestions you can contact :

Darlene Collison in Facebook