Book Launch Nyctophilia

Sana published his first novel ‘A Place to Be’ (Jaei baraye boodan) in Farsi in 2010: the tale of a passionate young man in the midst of immigration.

His second novel ‘The Sediments’ (Rosoob) reveals the rattling surreal story of a professional worn-out war photographer whose doomed destiny is ominously bound by the horrendous hands of a photo which was taken of five European coalition soldiers during post Iraq invasion era. The story is partially based on an ex-marine’s memories.

His film script ‘A Gray Insomniac’ was a finalist in Amazon Studios script writing program in 2012.

Sana’s latest novel ‘Nyctohpilia’ consumed four years and as the author asserts, similar to an apparition slowly emerging in a silent slender perplexing passage on a never-ending night, Nyctophilia appeared to be his most authentic artifact — the product of an existential enquiry. Nyctophilia is a tale of consciousness. It summons the surreal story of an abandoned absorbed presence struggling with amnesia who (or which) must encounter a few lost-in-life humans to cease his maddening mission.

He currently resides in Toronto and lectures at the University of Ontario – Oshawa.

Sana’s website: https://sanamojdehauthor.wordpress.com/

Sana on Facebook: Sana Mojdeh (author)