Women in Café

A Solo Exhibition By: Anahita Shams


December 8- December 15, 2016
Tuesday to Saturday  3-7 Pm

Other Hours & Days by Appointment ONLY.
Sundays & Mondays Closed

Opening reception:
Thursday, December 8, 2016, 7-9 pm


A café is a place where you can be free from anxiety, gathering with like-minded people away from the pressures of society.

To be a woman in Iran is very difficult. My friends and I needed a place where we could safely relax and I suggested The Café, a haven where
we could talk openly and  truly  be  ourselves.  Here is where  we  laugh
and cry together and speak  of  our  common  anxieties.
My concerns are not limited to the events of today and yesterday, but to recount the sufferings of countless generations. My goal is to destroy the taboos that imprison Iranian women, particularly the belief that the nude female is an object of shame.
The nude female body is very much a part of my work, but not the whole of it. Many of my paintings feature women covered in cascading hair, twined with plant and animal life and clothed in garments of varied colours and textures which both reveal and conceal our fragility.
The ultimate aim of my art is to remove the oppressing veil of ignorance, strip away the wearying layers of cover and allow the informed mother to raise an aware child.

Here in The Café, my friends and I look to you for your understanding.