Queen Gallery Poetry Night

Queen Gallery Poetry Night is an open–stage night of music and poetry on the third Tuesday of every month (with some exceptions, check the event dates).

Bring your poetry, music and friends and share your art with us at the wonderful Queen Gallery.

The event is free, but we will pass the hat and would be happy to receive your generous donations.

Any style of poetry and music in any language is welcome.

If you write or perform in a language other than English, you might offer translations or an explanation in English.

Our host for these series of poetry nights is Darlene Collison.

For future events please click here: EVENTS

For any questions or suggestions you can contact :

Darlene Collison in Facebook
by writing to Mitra Dadras : info@queengallery.ca

Tel: (416)841-9008
E-mail: info@QueenGallery.ca
373 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5A 1T2