Call for submission; Fire & Renewal 2012

Juried Group Art Exhibition

Curator: Oscar Wolfman (RIP) / Mahrokh Ahankhah

In remembrance of Oscar Wolfman, Queen Gallery is hosting an event to follow through with another curatorial project of his.  We proudly hosted his first two exhibitions and would like to fulfill his wish for another event, as his memory is very much alive with us.

We would like to offer you, the artist, an opportunity to be a part of this juried group exhibition.

We hope to feature some of his work as well as artwork that he too would have chosen and admired.  The show will take place in December on the longest night of the year, just as he requested.

This is a tribute to Oscar, an artist that accented our lives and memories with his life and artwork. We, therefore, would like to encourage any art related recommendations you might have to make this event more colourful.  We have already added storytelling to the program and would love to share your ideas as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at info@queengallery.ca

Queen Gallery is seeking submissions for the upcoming group exhibition, Fire and Renewal.

Click Here to print the submission form:
Submission form PDF)

Submission Deadlines:
Online deadline: October 30, 2012
Onsite deadline: November 15 & 17, 2012

Submission Fee: Free
Participation Fee:
$40.00 (for first submission)
+ $5.00 (for each additional work)*

All media are acceptable:
Graphic Design

The darkest nights of the year:

How to explain them; How to endure; How to revive the light?

After the winter solstice comes the gradual rebirth of spring.  Life and death rotate in an endless cycle, from cosmic to microscopic; nature rules our lives despite our interventions and inventions.

But on the darkest nights we celebrate with light: Hunukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Maidyarem, Dongzhi, Goru, Junkanoo, Lohri, Shab-e Chelleh, Saturnalia, Makara Sankranti among others.  We gather in a community to banish the darkness and celebrate our dependence on light, the solar fire, the nourishing hearth.

This December, Queen Gallery pays tribute to spiritual/religious/cultural traditions surrounding the winter solstice in a juried display of visual arts.

We welcome all the artists to submit high resolution jpegs of their work focused on illustrating the winter solstice holidays.  The deadline will be October 30, 2012 when the jury will select the best work.  Artist statements along with display-ready artwork will be required by November 15th, 2012 for those pieces selected.  A fee will be required of those selected artists in order to help pay for advertising and the opening reception.  The fee will be $40 for the first work selected, and $5 for each additional piece selected (a maximum of three pieces).  Artists are responsible for delivering and collecting their works from the gallery.

We welcome you to take part in sharing your interpretations of these holidays and rituals.

Submitting work for consideration is easy.  Email us samples of your work (5 high res JPG files), along with a short bio and a description of the work you will be presenting, including the title, medium, and size.

Please include the following with your submission:

  1. Your Name (and company name if you have one)
  2. Contact information (Phone, Cell, Email)
  3. Website (if you have one)

Email submissions to: info@queengallery.ca

****Participation Fees are only paid if your work is selected to be part of the show.

There will be two stages to this submission process.  Following acceptance via email submission, Queen Gallery will request an on-site viewing of your work.  Please bring your artwork to the gallery (382 Queen Street East) on Thursday, November 15, (1:30-8:30pm) or Saturday, November 17 (3:30-6:30).

Terms and Conditions:

• Fire and Renewal is a juried art exhibition.

• The Artist hereby warrants that the Artist created and possesses unencumbered title to the works of art listed and has the right to loan these works for purposes of exhibition and sale.

• Artists must drop off their artwork on the specified date, along with a signed copy of this contract and $40 cash for the first submitted artwork, plus $5 each for any additional work (maximum three artworks).

• All artwork must have the name, date, title, and medium clearly printed on the back.

• Each artwork exhibited will be offered for sale.

• Queen Gallery will take a 50% commission from all work sold at the exhibition.

• Artists must pick up their work (or arrange to have their work picked up) by the pick-up date (Tuesday, January 15th between 11:30 and 6:30) or the art becomes the property of Queen Gallery.  Please inform the gallery if someone else is going to be picking up your work.

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