Sayeh Irankhah

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I love art. I believe that beauty exists in every thing that we perceive.  I believe that nature is the ultimate teacher for an artist. I have always been inspired by nature. I think an artist in a way is trying to recreate the nature’s beauty through her own art work. In addition to nature, I am also inspired by the motifs and colours of my native land Iran. I try to incorporate them as much as I can in my daily life and in my art.

I also firmly believe that art works are born through the artist. Like a mother and her child. The child becomes a separate entity and goes on to live her own independent life. That is how I view my art, as my grown up children living their own lives. Therefore, a viewer of my art is not relating to me but she is relating to my paintings.

Statement about my paintings:

I have many lovers.
I am tipsy through them
I enter a trance through them
I feel weightless through them
I touch the beautiful face of life through them
I become beautiful through them
Beautiful like a tree,
Like a cloud,
Like a smile.
I give birth to beauty through them