Lecture / CONTACT 2010

Thursday May 6th, 6-9pm

@ 7:00; Bob Carnie,


Title of lecture: Tales from the Darkroom

The topic… fine art printing transition from analogue to digital wet hybrid work flows

@ 8:00; Paul Sanderson, Lawyer


Title of lecture: Copyright Basics;  The rights and the wrongs

The topic…..What is copyright? Why is important? How do I acquire copyright? How long does copyright last? How do I protect my copyright? Do I have to register my copyright? In this lecture, Paul Sanderson, a lawyer with over 25 years in private practice in arts and entertainment law, will outline the fundamental copyright principles and will discuss copyright issues relevant to photographers.

Thursday May 20th, 6-9pm

Limited space is available, Please email us to RSVP at info@queengallery.ca

@ 7:00; Aida Ahadiany

Title of lecture: …………………

@ 7:30; Nazila Fathi;

Title of lecture: Women’s role.

@ 8:00; Sina Salimi

Live music

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